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    Let’s Stay Together by Mario Moreno

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  3. 6 vegan products that still use palm oil:

    6 vegan products that still use palm oil:

    There is growing uncertainty in the green community about the reliability of ‘green’ palm oil and many of the so-called sustainable plantations are still heavily contributing to deforestation. To truly make a difference for our rainforests, we believe in avoiding ALL palm oil. These are some vegan companies that are still using palm oil…both conflict and “sustainable”. 

    1. Toffuti: ‘Most of our cheese products use palm oil.  The palm oil we use comes only from sustainable sources. It is certified by the USDA.’
    2. Earth Balance vegan butter: ‘70% of our palm oil comes from responsible sources in peninsular Malaysia’- Other 30% from conflict palm oil.
    3. Clif vegan bars: “ensures a strong ecological approach to palm oil production.”- But not necessarily from sustainable plantations. 
    4. Windmill Organics- Uses organic palm oil. 
    5. Liz Lovely cookies- organic palm oil. 
    6. Yves veggie cuisine- ‘Unfortunately we do not have lists of our products that do or do not contain certain ingredients.’- Don’t know how much palm oil is being used. 


  4. Have an animal-free Easter this weekend!

  5. Looks delicious, right? Help make it a reality! Earth Burger aims to be the first vegan fast food restaurant in the state of Texas…which is no easy task. They’re halfway there with their Kickstarter goal so they can start building and buying equipment and they need your help!

    Just a few bucks would assist them with bringing awesome, tasty healthy fast food to Texas that will show non-vegans just how great vegan food can really be. Please consider helping them out right here!

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    Please Stop Feeding Bread to Waterfowl

    Feeding bread to wild ducks is incredibly harmful. Bread has almost no nutrients that are useful for the duck, so they become malnourished and more susceptible to disease. Compounding the problem is that excessive bread left in the water will rot, which leads to high levels of E. coli and even botulism outbreaks. Wild ducks need to stay wild, and artificially feeding them causes them to lose their natural instincts for acquiring food.

    If you want to feed captive waterfowl, consider chopped vegetables, whole grains, or fruit instead.

    Read more: NY Dept of Environmental Conservation

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    This cannot be emphasized enough!

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    Fact from United Nations 2006 Report.

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    Humans are not the center of the universe. Think about that.

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