1. We will be heading to Riverton, Wyoming on Aug. 25 to protest the stealing of wild horses from public lands at the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board meeting and speaking out against the BLM’s horrific and criminal roundups that rip wild horses from their families and homes.

    Read our press release on our website and check out our Facebook event if you are able to attend the protest.

    Take our pledge to protect wild horses to find out how you can take action today: http://bit.ly/1sdb6S8

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    I promise you that in the time it takes to drive to a fast food place, drive through and order, then eat, you can easily make a healthy animal product-free meal at home! PROMISE!

    You can actually buy this poster and a few others on our website if you’re interested! 

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  5. 8 Ways to Turn Your Backyard into a Habitat for Wildlife

    1. Flowering annuals (plants that live one growing season) and perennials (plants that live for more than a year) add color to your yard and can be added at any stage to attract birds and butterflies. If your yard is large, consider using part of it for tall native grasses that provide beauty, as well as a natural source of food and shelter.

    2. Butterflies are most active during the day and will benefit from a basking site where they can warm up on cool mornings. Add a light-colored rock or concrete garden sculpture as a basking site.

    3. Toads, frogs, lizards, turtles, and snakes all have a place in the backyard and shelter for these creatures is easy to provide. Several rocks piled in a sunny spot will provide basking sites. Consider planting shade-tolerant groundcovers under trees and leaving a thick layer of leaves to provide cool shelter.

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  6. Did you know it’s illegal for carriage-horses to be on the streets once it reaches 90 degrees outside in NYC? It’s supposed to reach 90 a few times this week, so if you see a carriage horse on the street, say something!

    Take pics of carriage horse and the license plate of the carriage. Report the violation by calling 311 or report to a police officer in the vicinity.

    The time to end this cruel and inhumane industry is now. Contact your city council members and urge them to ban carriage-horses in NYC and place the horses in sanctuaries: http://on.nyc.gov/RLy3fP

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    The Most Dangerous Species in the Mediterranean
    CREDIT: Agencia Catalan de l’Aigua
    Posted in March, 2011 on Visual.ly

    The oceanic waters are home to many ferocious and intimidating creatures but the most dangerous of all creatures appears to be the humans. Human waste deposited into the oceanic waters can reap negative effects on the marine life in many ways.

    This infographic examines the most common types of human wastes, how the waste affects the marine life, and how just how long the average lifespan of article is. Watch out for long living ferocious beasts like the plastic bottle, the tin can, and the battery.

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    The Animal by: Tướng Vegeta

    Are we shaped by our habitat?

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    This baby goat as won the internet and our hearts. Try not to tear up to this story when it’s paired with music in the full video with music here

    just kill me and be done with it already, because this is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen! :’)

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    Veganism helps to keep families together ^_^ <3

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